Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tupperware at 50: My fondest Tupperware memory

Happy 50th anniversary Tupperware!

You had been a part of Filipino homes in every celebration we have, and that's a great feat! Because aside from birthdays, Christmases and fiestas, we sort of eat with friends and family as a pastime. :)

I grew up with Tupperware. My mum and my aunt had sets and sets of it because it has proven reliability.

How reliable?

Here is a photo of my childhood:

The containers holding the spaghetti and the sauce are Tupperwares. These and their friends are still alive and usable. We lost some along the way because we moved houses, from QC to Quezon Province to Oman to QC again to Manila to Makati to Manila again. But a lot of those that we retained are still part of our kitchen. That's three generations to us. Mum used it to hold feasts for us and now I'm using it to hold feasts for my own little family.

See, I still have the pasta holder, grater, pasta server and spoon. :)

My son's a big noodle fan so this still comes in handy for us.

My mum loves cooking for us. I was a religious youth leader back in the province. We used to hold fellowship meetings at home and my group is always particularly happy when it's my household's turn because we always had spaghetti, leche flan and cake. My friends used to tell me that they only have those on birthdays and fiestas. We had them everytime we have visitors. :)

Sabi nga nila, "Sa bahay nyo parang laging fiesta". :)

My lunchboxes, water cup, sauce holders were all Tupperwares. We actually have a blue food container, too, from my mother-in-law.

You can tell the brand's recall is so high when people call every food container as Tupperware. That's the case in our home. My husband calls even microwaveables as Tupperware.

Tupperware isn't just kitchenware for us. These items that we still have are more than 20 years old already, and they evoke memories in our lives that are happy, victorious, and sometimes sad (we served food with these during my Grandfather's wake back in 2001).

Every Tupperware holds a memory, and now, I'm creating new memories of celebrations with my husband and son.

Again, Happy 50th Tupperware! Cheers to more years! #TupperwareBrands50th


To know more about Tupperware, do visit their Social Media Accounts and website:

Thursday, October 27, 2016

2 Good Fun Day with Vita Cubes

Last Saturday, we were invited to attend the Vita Cubes 2 Good Fun Day at Active Fun BGC through Mommy Bloggers Philippines.

I was so excited because, normally, it was just me and Popy, but my husband was able to join us.

Popy doesn't really understand so much of what was happening, but he's always happy when there are kids around. Our family bff, planner girl and co-mommy blogger Ferry met us there, too, with her firstborn.

The place was packed when we arrived. Mummies, kids and, even daddies were there. It was like one big kiddie party.

DIY Cake for the little ones. :)

Ok, I'm 28 now. My batchmates would remember the Flintstones Vitamins in the market back in the days. It's hard candy shaped like our favorite Flintstones characters, and I always feared I'd overdose myself with it because my mum used to tell me it was medicine.

What's Vita Cubes?

Vita Cubes are cube-shaped jelly candies that come in different fruit flavors.

Red is for strawberry,
Green is for apply.
Violet is for grape.
Orange is for... Yep, you guessed it! Orange!
Yellow is for mango.

Each Vita Cube contains the following:

Lysine for proper growth and energy production, and also helps in calcium absorption.
Zinc to help the immune and digestive systems, energy metabolism, and faster wound healing. Vitamin A to help increase immunity against infections, and helps in ensuring healthy eyes and bone development.
Vitamin B for growth and strength promotion, memory stimulation, and helps boost oxygen circulation and converts carbohydrates and fats into energy.
Vitamin C to help form and repair red blood cells, bones and tissues. It also helps in keeping our child's gums healthy. It strengthens the immune system and helps the body absorb iron.
Vitamin E boosts the immune system and helps the body fight germs, keeps blood vessels open for blood to flow freely.

Now, with all that, you might be wondering, is this a vitamin supplement?

It's candy. It's just packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and it's water-soluble, which means if there's any excess of it, it's secreted by the body. I know, we, mums, worry about OD, especially that it's for our kids.

Oooh, candy buffet. :)

Well, my son who's one year old, doesn't take vitamins just yet, as he's still breastfeeding and is eating fresh food very well.

Ok, we tasted it, and by "we", I mean me, my husband and Ferry. It's sweet and chewy. I have to stop myself from finishing all because we're planning to give some to my 8-year old brother-in-law.

Here's a funny conversation with Ferry's daughter yesterday when we visited them at home:

Achie: Tita Nins, look o! (Shows me empty Vita Cubes wrappers.)
Me: O, who ate those?
Achie: Tita Nins, Tito Gab and Nanay.
Me: Kami talaga? (Laughs)

Yeah, it... umn... got stock in her memory. :)

There you go! Thanks to Vita Cubes and Rebisco for the fun, healthy and very tummy-filling event, and to Mommy Bloggers Philippines for inviting me and my family. Their caterer was good, too. I didn't have photos of my food because I was busy finishing my plates.

MBP Family Photo courtesy of co-mommy blogger,Gracie Miranda-Maulion.
Goodies we got to take home! I was most especially happy with the candies and the pillow.

Vita Cubes is available in all Mercury Drug outlets, SM Supermarkets, Robinson's Supermarkets, Waltermart, Landmark, Puregold, Mini Stop outlets, and other leading supermarkets and local grocery stores. It may be bought per box which contains 10 pieces of 50-g packs or per individual 50-g pack at SRP Php 12.00.

I still have an LSS of the Vita Cubes song. :) 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Baguio for a night with the Nadas and the Perezes

My mom sent me a text message on a Friday informing me that we'll go to Baguio early the next day.

That's how we roll, and we're a bunch of commuters!

The group was made up of myself, Mama, Papa, my husband and our son. My sister and her boyfriend were supposed to come, but she had last minute work.

I just have to say that I like taking care of the itinerary, but my mom insisted they don't want to make reservations with the bus and accommodation.

Wrong decision! But it was an all-expense paid trip, so I didn't bother them about it. I can try to fix things, anyhow, when it fails. And it did.

We were at the Victory Liner terminal in Cubao at 4am. They were fully-booked. I have foreseen this, actually. Being the official human Waze of the family, I brought them to the other side of EDSA where Genesis was located. They were willing to pay Joy Bus seats for the four of us (because the 5th will sit on my lap), but there were no available seats, too.

We were directed to Dagupan Bus Lines, Genesis' sister company, which was again, on the other side of EDSA where Victory Liner was. They have a first come, first serve basis. Luckily, when we got there, there were still seats available. We weren't seated together. So we had to keep passing Popy around. Thank goodness, the guy beside me exchanged seats with my husband.

I love NLEX. Growing up and driving on SLEX all my life, I just can't help but admire the northern counterpart. The lush green fields were enveloped with fog an hour or so before sunrise. The Perezes enjoyed the view and the calm away from the hustle and bustle of the metro.

It was a smooth journey except when we reached La Union. There was construction going on that caused heavy traffic. I think, I slept on the most part, anyhow.

It's Popy's first time to go to Baguio, and Gab's somewhat first time. He has a vague memory of going to Baguio with his maternal grandmother back when he was a child. As for me, I've been to Baguio twice. First, with my aunt during an outing with her colleagues; and second, during a college trip last 2008, but I have the memory of an elephant, so my memories were as vibrant as HD TV.

We arrived around 11AM. We had lunch at the food court of SM Baguio because we were too hungry to decide where to eat. My parents insisted on staying at the former pension inn they checked in at last year called Callalily.


And our hungry tummies :) Popy took the photo. Kidding. :) Gab's wearing him.
This, again, because they won't let me book anything, was fully-booked.

Fortunately, beside the pension inn, in the corner of Sandico and Tecson was Megatower. It was a typical condominium where units are rented out by a broker, and they had one for us!

Sorry, puro sofa yung photos. Lol. But I swear, the room was nice.

There's a thing about me and maps and how much I love reading them. I once reached Caliraya, Laguna for the first time just by looking at Google Maps. So here's a round-up by the human Waze on its proximity to the places we visited while we were there:

1. 500m away from SM Baguio.
2. 300m from Baguio Cathedral and Porta Vaga Mall
3. 450m to the bus terminal (excluding Victory because they have their own)
4. Less than a kilometer to Burnham Park
5. A little over 4km to Minesview

Tip #1: If you want a lower rate, speak to the broker. We met a security of Megatower who overheard our predicament and offered a room for PhP 3000. When we said that's too expensive, he directed us to the broker's office and we got the room for PhP 2500. Not to ruin the business or anything, but if you're feeling generous, you can take the recommendation of the staff, so they can get a commission, but if you want to save up a few bucks, then go direct. Details of the broker is below, in case you're planning a trip.

The unit was nice. It was a studio complete with a microwave, fridge, television, a bed, a large sofa set and a terrace. It had hot and cold shower which was great and which I believe is a staple in Baguio given the weather. It also has an extra mattress; and they gave us toiletries and extra pillows and blankets, to add.

A con, though, since this isn't an endorsement and I'd like to be honest, there was a point during the night when it smelled like sewage. So, Tip #2, get a unit on a higher floor.

The main reason for going to Baguio was to visit a long-time family friend who's fighting breast cancer. She was confined in Baguio General Hospital. My parents went there and just allowed my family to roam around Baguio since we can't bring our son to the hospital.

The three of us walked around the area and reached Baguio Cathedral. There was a wedding going on when we peeked in.

Beside the Cathedral was Porta Vaga Mall. This was a funny discovery. Pardon our ignorance. :) There was a sign outside that said mall entrance. From the way it looked outside, it looked like a fenced parking space to us with stalls on the sides. We went in a shop handled by nuns that sold fresh, organic produce. It was love at first sight. I'm telling you, if we had more shopping money, we would have bought so much more. And everything was so affordable! We came back the next day to get bunches of Italian Parsley, Pako (fern), cherry tomatoes, blueberries and more. The cherry tomatoes were the best. They were the size of a marble and they were so juicy they, literally, pop when you bite it or prick it with a fork.

My husband and I are homecooks. It's a happy household. Wink wink.
And we appreciate shops like this.

See that?! 30 Pesos! Only 30 for these lovely tomatoes!
The Italian Parsley we got was around 15 a bunch.
Then we found a La Paz Batchoy stall because we were hungry again. Without a high chair, my husband and I take turns in eating and carrying Popy. It was my turn to eat first. Popy and Gab approached a guard and asked if the area we were at was already "the mall" and he was told it was six floors down.

Before I go to that, let me just mention what a lovely thing the La Paz Batchoy was. It claims authenticity, but, you know, with the weather, a hot soup was very much welcomed, and they refill your soup, too.

Look at that beauty!
So going back to Gab and Popy's adventure in "the mall", they went back up after two floors because he kept using the stairs and got tired. We, later on, discovered the escalators on the other side. The mall is Porta Vaga, by the way.

The thing about being in Baguio for the first time is that you always think you're on street level. We were at Baguio Cathedral, see? And we thought we were on street level. So we went down the mall and expect to be 6 floors deep underground, and came out on street level again. The unit we rented out was at the upper basement or the lower ground floor (sorry, anesthesia effect hihi); but when we entered the room, we found a terrace and discovered that we were 2-storeys up. It was fun, like we were being tricked all the time.

While we were eating, Mama called and said they were leaving the hospital with Tita's (family friend) two sons and daughter-in-law. I grew up with the two boys back in Oman. We even stayed with them on a vacation in their house in Abra, and that was the first time again, in years, that I saw them.

Mama said they'll meet us at Good Taste. Yes, we were eating again. I said we'll walk, but they insisted that we grab a taxi. I like their taxis. They gave change no matter how small; and we all felt like we drove a long distance already and meter was still below PhP 100.

There were so much talk about Good Taste Restaurant. When we came, it was packed. My childhood friends were grown men and didn't speak a lot. The wife of the elder was bubbly and did all the entertaining.

Again, another honest opinion, it lacked the wow factor on the food that I had high expectations for. Maybe we should try other dishes next time, but the ones we had weren't as memorable as we thought it would be.

Our three friends went ahead of us after dinner. The family went to Burnham Park.

And I...

Looked for strawberry taho! Because this was were I bought it back in 2008.

That night, we booked our tickets already for the bus the next day. We got seats from Victory Liner after Mama and Papa lined up for an hour or so, while me and the boys looked for other options.

The next day, we heard mass at Baguio Cathedral.

Then we went to Minesview Park, so Popy can see Doglas. I have to mention the boys there were such rip offs. They said PhP 50 for 2 shots. THEY continued clicking till 4 shots and you don't know about it till they give your phone back, only to find out that the 2 weren't even good photos. It was either blurred or the guy who put sunnies on Doglas was covering everyone.

Popsie adores Popy so much. :)

Well, someone seems to like the view.
We got pasalubongs. My parents have the knack of buying souvenir shirts everywhere they go. They got Popy two shirts and one for each member of the family including my sister and her boyfriend. They're thoughtful that way.

We went back to our unit, had a quick lunch and checked out, and we were on our way back to Manila by lunch.

Ok, this is the part where I would like to commend the broker who got us our room. On our way to Manila, I felt cold in the bus and searched my bag for my pashmina. That was the orange one I was wearing in every photo.

It wasn't there.

So, I sent a message to Ms. Chan and asked if they have found it, and they did. I have arranged for courier services and told her I'd pay the shipping. The pashmina is special to me because 1) orange is my favorite color, and 2) Mama gave it to me.

The parcel came a few days after. I have informed Ms. Chan that my item arrived already, and she hasn't given me her bank details yet. She declined and told me that there was no need to.

Thank you for the honesty and the thought. I really appreciated it. :)

If you need rooms in Baguio, please do contact Ms. Anna Liza Chan on this number: 09178800017.